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June 11th, 2012

This is really really cool and very inspiring.

Zingerman’s: This is Ownership from Daniel Séguin on Vimeo.

If you ever in Ann Arbor cop a sammich from Zingerman’s.

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9:40 AM

May 11th, 2012

Running titles for today’s.
Ive been back home for about two weeks and some change now, and what a ride it was.
Touring was easily one of the greatest experiences of my life. I’m going off the dome here so forgive if my thoughts aren’t completely organized. Felt compelled to talk to you guys this morning. So yeah… Touring is something else man. It really is. It’s as exciting as you may think it is. There’s also this other layer to it.

For as busy as you are, there’s a lot of time where it’s just you and your brain. This is where the introspection comes in, the soul searching, the really learning about yourself phase happens. I needed that for my soul, my being. I gained some much needed perspective that i might have never gotten, had it not been for that trip.
I am definitely more inspired, more motivated and more determined than ever.

The shows were great. Amsterdam and Tours in France, were probably the best shows overall. Austria was the coolest we been too maybe. It was the only place we really gotta chance to take in and explore. We went to this really cool museum which was showcasing modern art inspired by the automobile. I was unable to get some pics in there as i am camera operatingly impaired (how the heck do i turn the flash off on this camera). Shigeto snapped this pic though.

I got some other pics as well. once their organized and such I’ll post them up for all you guys to see.

So what did i get out of my time on tour?. The main thing, the BIG thing is that I learned I can do this.

I am ready to do this.

P.S. new tunes on the way a 7 inch out through insect records, and an appearance on the homie houseshoes album “let it go” which comes out next month.



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The Tour

April 17th, 2012

i just wanted to drop a quick message, to say the tour is going great. One of best experiences I’ve ever had and I’m only 5 days in. Its been great hanging with my good friend Shigeto. Lot’s of moments made of gold already. Tour continues tomorrow night in Amsterdam at the Paradiso. Cheers

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