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Keep Goin

May 5th, 2011

Hey guys i been living dat rapper slash janitor slash school student hard these days. It’s been great though to be very busy. I am aware of the possibility that I am preaching to the choir but its making a rapper rather beat. This is what Adults do though, the ones making it happen always working always going. If i want to see my dreams come to fruition then i gotta go full on Add dult. When you ask for something and u receive it, sometimes your not full prepared for what comes with it. My roommate reminded of me something though, if god didn’t think you could handle it he wouldn’t have given you it. As always if you are reading this right now, a frequent visitor, or follow my music your always appreshiated and don’t forget too Keep Going even when u wanna stop its a struggle for me as well but we can do this.

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October 21st, 2009

so i went out last night it was fun caught up with some homies of mine, but man i awkward as f*ck. Inspired by the intense feeling of anxiety and nervous and feeling for while i didn’t know anyone i came up with this word Fawkward. Definition is to be awkward as f*ck.
Granted its great to be around friends but i just had feelings of complete inadequacy and inferiority. I can so nervous when it comes meeting people introducing myself, thats not always the case but i feel liek im so awkard that i make the entire encounter awkward as f*ck. I like freestyling these blog’s i think im gonna be going for this approach more while planning more ready entries. Like I mentioned in the previous blog i wanted to keep these blogs light but the fact of the matter as that there is sun and great day like it is right now but when it rains im reminded that its not always sunny.

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