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Coming S.O.O.N: Updates on the music makings and happenings

February 4th, 2013

An update in regards to the musics
So what have I been up to? Well I recently finished recording a new record that will be out this year. The record which will be brought to you by myself and my London team slash family Earnest Endeavours is called Sleeves. I think it’s my strongest collection of music to date. I’ve been mentioning this record on my twitter and Facebook profiles for a while now, but it’s finally coming. I got some guest appearances coming as well. I along with my homie Doc Illingsworth appear on the big homie Sweatson Klank/Take’s new record that drops this year. On the more immediate tip, I feature along with my homies Detroit Cydi of which Illingsworth is a member of, on the new Kool A.D. mixtape that drops on the seventh of this month. You’re probably very familiar with Kool A.D. from his work with his former group Das Racist. Very cool fersure. Shot outs to my bro’s Rufio, Sean Uppercut, Doc Illingsorth and the big homie Kool A.D. What else hmmm I’ve started working on the next records. I’m in the writing phases right now, but what I can say is that expect some smaller projects to pop up throughout the year. Also being in the writing phases of the next projects I can safely say I’ve started penning the first lyrics for what will be material that will show up on my album. Yup, I’m finally getting around to starting that LP of mine. I got to admit I feel kind of excited about where this music thing is going. I’m feeling good. I’m Kevin Sorbo.


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Just Brilliant:The Works of Doctor Illingsworth

November 28th, 2012

My fried Doc Illingworth, man so much I can say about the guy. Whether its video clips or tunes, he makes good stuff. How great is the homie well, yesterday he posted probably one of the greatest Facebook statuses, I have ever read.

So, There’s been these posts that start something to the effect of this

“In response to the new facebook guidlines…”

I’m sure, you’ve seen it.

People post them under the notion that it protects the use of anything you post share photos etc anything, you share on facebook without your consent. Not gonna lie I’ve re-posted these myself on some better safe than sorry blindly doing so nonetheless.

Doc’s take on the whole thing was probably was one of the smartest downright funny things I have ever read. Without further due a few words from my friend…

The funny was brought.

As a bonus
here’s a sampling of that music of his i mentioned earlier.

follow him here
Doc on the Facebooks

props to my buddy.
Just Brilliant.

you can find both of us here on this Friday Nov. 30th here Old miam fun rap times.

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