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June 11th, 2012

This is really really cool and very inspiring.

Zingerman’s: This is Ownership from Daniel Séguin on Vimeo.

If you ever in Ann Arbor cop a sammich from Zingerman’s.

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It just goes to shows…

February 28th, 2012

I played a few shows this past week. It was also my first time performing some of the new material of which you will be hearing throughout the year. The first show took place this past Wednesday, opening up for the homies Doomtree. The turnout for an Ann Arbor wed night was pretty impressive, and as a result I got to play for a lot of new faces. The crowd was really receptive. The set went well as it could have, and in short I ended up having a great time. Special thanks to my brother Illingsworth for backing me up and extra special shot outs to the gawds Doomtree for having me apart of their Michigan stop. It’s a good show when you leave the venue inspired, and a good show it was.

I played my second show of the week that Saturday in Ferndale, a city about 20 minutes north of Detroit. Local record store Hybrid Moments sadly will be closing its doors soon, so I was asked to play its final show. It was a cool show. Seemed like people came out to have a good time and did my best job to help make that happen. If good times were had then I’m doing okay at my job. Daps to the gawd Kwesi of the Anonymous, for asking me to kicks some raps for the fine people of Ferndale.

To all the new friends I’ve made this week, you are appreciated. To know that I’m truly connecting with people through this rap stuff means a lot. Knowing this, I promise to make the best tunes I can, and put on the best shows I can.
I pinky swear.

More shows on the way,
Deets coming soon

When I’m not here writing to you guys,
you can find me on the tweets or on the facebooks.
Hit a rapper up


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