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Purposefully Tardy

January 27th, 2013

Well here we are in in the first of month of a new year. I know I’m kind late on this but yeah happy New Year especially to those living under rock, Neanderthal man still walking among us and those with phobias of calendars and watches. Admittedly I kind of purposely chose to not to participate in the introspection and resolutions and declarations of “how we about to kill it this year” that take over the interwebs during that time. I just feel a lot of those ideas lose life once they hit the wall of your facebook page or is it reduced to 140 characters. Besides, isn’t that what we say every year and as each year draws to a close we are left with the task of trying to make sense of what happen over the last 365 days (the good and the bad). That’s not say I totally removed myself from the act taking a look at my year. Sure I did. I was fortunate enough to have a really good year. A year that was one of the most productive, eye-opening and inspired I have ever had. As hokey and cliche as it may sound dreams did come true( thanks for your guys help in making those things happen btw). If you have been following my on goings over the last year then you aware of some those, rehashing details aren’t really necessary. The feelings, memories and experiences are what will live on. So yeah good times indeed, however there were some very humbling times as well. Of which, I’m also very grateful for. I needed those times. Sometimes, you need to be reminded of your reality. Soul searching and learning things about me that I necessarily didn’t like was oh so necessary. It was necessary for my growth as person. I have grown. My heart is changing. I’m not exactly where I want to be but if I focus on trying to grow, humility and working hard then I am on way to a pretty good year. So that’s where my focus is and that’s ultimately my new year’s resolution.


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