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December 14th, 2012

Hope this finds you well.

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Just Brilliant:The Works of Doctor Illingsworth

November 28th, 2012

My fried Doc Illingworth, man so much I can say about the guy. Whether its video clips or tunes, he makes good stuff. How great is the homie well, yesterday he posted probably one of the greatest Facebook statuses, I have ever read.

So, There’s been these posts that start something to the effect of this

“In response to the new facebook guidlines…”

I’m sure, you’ve seen it.

People post them under the notion that it protects the use of anything you post share photos etc anything, you share on facebook without your consent. Not gonna lie I’ve re-posted these myself on some better safe than sorry blindly doing so nonetheless.

Doc’s take on the whole thing was probably was one of the smartest downright funny things I have ever read. Without further due a few words from my friend…

The funny was brought.

As a bonus
here’s a sampling of that music of his i mentioned earlier.

follow him here
Doc on the Facebooks

props to my buddy.
Just Brilliant.

you can find both of us here on this Friday Nov. 30th here Old miam fun rap times.

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We Takin It

November 17th, 2012

New Visuals from Printmatic off his latest record Deleted Scenes. Dudes puts his foot up in all things that he does. This is no different, and in doing so continues to inspire cats like my self.

“We Takin It” New Mantra Status

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November 12th, 2012

This is the original version of Roller Coaster that appears on the homie houseshoes record let it go. Previously only available on my tour cd I had on me this past april. Enjoy

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Numb 2 The world

October 28th, 2012

My buddy Ill poetic is one of the most talented slash hard working people I know.
Here’s the where the wild things are inspired video for Numb. Beat is great, lyrics are inspired. Just good, honest art all around.

He just dropped a great record which is available here http://illpoetic.bandcamp.com/album/synesthesia-the-yellow-movement-ep

Honest work shouldn[t go unnoticed

N Joy

If you like what you heard be sure to find him online at these spots.


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Not Another Video Game Song

October 20th, 2012

Here’s the A-Side off the new single produce by my friend illingsworth and featuring my buddy Open Mike Eagle that just dropped…


If you like what you hear be sure to head over to
fatbeats.com and order yours today. Supplies are limited
and once they’re gone, they’re gone. So hurry up and buy


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Lyrics 4 Rollercoaster

October 9th, 2012

This Rollercoaster is starting to feel
Mo fun hop in a passenger seat
And get you some
Whooa oaah get you some x2

From Life
Smiley faces and frowns
The ups and downs to this raps music
The ebb and flow with words and sounds
Arranged in matter allowing me to rearrange space
Seeing my fate reflected on my face I’m cheesing the sign
Of an inkling of magic found amongst all of the static
How much fun I am having in this moment
You cannot even imagine and further more fathom for that matter
Nah look y’all no hands
learn to embrace know that it’s a part of a bigger plan
there is a settling sensation inside that sentiment
serenity continue on with your sweet serenade ay
soul serenade oh how I adore the way your play your string
sing for me sweet something for eternity internally
I internalize the sunrise

This Rollercoaster is starting to feel
Mo fun hop in a passenger seat
And get you some
Whooa oaah get you some

Is this real life or is this fantasy
Maybe this is some sort of
beautiful amalgamation
creating the reality
inhabiting my final destination this is a place of
total concentration
in effort to move with the best foot forward
phase 2 transitioning
more than a mere change in scenery
in the literal sense a change in how I see it
therefore making a change within
furthermore making a change in my surroundings
a change scenery happens to follow accordingly
so I move just like I should knowing that I could
win as free as the oxygen ingested
the atmospheric blend I inhale then I exhale
set sail guided by the Wind/Win
the compass is so telling
the feeling is overwhelming let the games

This Rollercoaster is starting to feel
Mo fun hop in a passenger seat
And get you some
Whooa oaah get you some x2

If its one thing I can say
I know that I’m on my way

cop the tune here Let it Go

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ME x Shoes x Fat Albert Einstein

October 1st, 2012

Visuals for the song i featured on off houseshoes album Let it Go entitled Rollercoaster dropped today. Shout outs to brandon damon for bringin this too life

peep the flyness

“>Let it Go” is in stores now, shoes also just launched his website recently which can be found here. www.djhouseshoes.com

pass the vid around
show ya friends

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7 inch Dropping very soon via Insect Records

September 24th, 2012

distributed by the fine folks at fat beats.

We’re taking pre-orders right now
peep the linkage http://www.fatbeats.com/collections/store/products/self-says-not-another-video-game-song-b-w-they-shootin-yellow-7

Production by the homies Raj Mahal and Illingsworth who also features on the song that raj produced. Open Mike Eagle drops with some raps as well.
I also have an instrumental on it produced by yours truly.

itunes and amazon got snippets up for you to check on the digital side of things

make sure to pick one up
Limited to 300 gyeeahh

Two songs away from the official follow up for something out of nothing,
for a reminder its called Sleeves.

thats what i got for right now.

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Earnest Endeavours

September 18th, 2012

Fellow earnest endeavourer’s The Insomniax dropped an awesome EP in the “Love She Wants Project

Also here’s another goodie from the earnest crew from the homies in Widows
the taste-makers over at noisey/vice broke this video last and here it is for you viewing pleasure.


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