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SelfSays http://selfsays.com Sun, 18 Jan 2015 01:11:03 +0000 http://wordpress.org/?v=2.9.2 en hourly 1 Hiatus Promotee http://selfsays.com/hiatus-promotee http://selfsays.com/hiatus-promotee#comments Sun, 18 Jan 2015 01:11:03 +0000 SelfSays http://selfsays.com/?p=776 First of all, hello reader
How have you been since the last time we’ve spoken? I hope well. I hope the holiday treated you well, and you are well into a prosperous new year. This place at times has been a bit dormant at times. Soundtracked seems as if only by the chorus of crickets hidden somewhere in the layout of the very page your reading; patiently waiting for something to magically happen. Perhaps, justifiably so… It’s not like I just had a new project drop recently. Oh yea that’s right. I DID!!!

The proper follow up to something out of nothing, Sleeves dropped on the 16th via the homies UK imprint Earnest Endeavours. It made its debut on the highly reputable OKAYPLAYER dot com and from there has found its way on various blogs and sites across the interwebs. This collection of songs is the strongest of my releases to date. Admittedly sometimes I wonder where my music fits in amongst the current crop of artists. How does it fit within current context of “what’s in” The comparison trap is one I find myself more times than I care to admit, but you know what I’m really proud of this project and the response has been nothing but positive. Thank you for that, thank you for reminding me that there is a place for my art. I will work hard, continue to make music I believe in and that is true to me and by proxy it will reach the people that it’s supposed to. It will connect with people in the way that it is intended.
Peoples can’t seem to agree on their favorite track of the project, which I think is great. They all mean something to me. I do find myself going to back to the title track recently but that could change tomorrow. With that said here is the title song Sleeves. Enjoy

Sleeves is available RIGHT NOW!!!
GO GET THAT. Hit me on social media or email info@selfsays.com and let me know what you think about the latest endeavour. If you like it share it with your friends. Tweet it. Facebook it. Email it. Do it up Every little bit helps and I am grateful for your help.


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Seven Oh Two http://selfsays.com/seven-oh-two http://selfsays.com/seven-oh-two#comments Wed, 25 Jun 2014 19:58:54 +0000 SelfSays http://selfsays.com/?p=769 pretty girls make nervous not much has changed

Well it’s been a week and some change since my last post. I’m aiming to have a new piece up for your guys on a weekly basis. Looks like I’m getting there, anyways this week post is about the time I met 702. Around the time of high school, I along with my family mainly on mother’s side took trip down south to visit my family there. I believe this was the first time I met my grandmother’s sister, my auntie Rosetta. Some of the older cool cousins and my uncle decided to get hotel room. Downtown Birmingham I believe was the area, if memory serves me correct it was the Sheraton. A hotel room meant some of that good AC and more likely a place they can go get their drink and smoke on. Anyways we go check in to get our room keys etc, and then take the elevator to go our floor. We shared the elevator with three girls. It was me, my uncle and my cousin and these three girls. I remember them being cute, cute enough to the point that I was too shook to say anything. My uncle is a social guy so he struck up a conversation with them. They mentioned they were from Las Vegas, and other small talk. They were really friendly. My uncle decided to put his nephews on blast telling them, “I think you girls got my nephews shy”. I immediately felt myself, crawl even deeper into the socially awkward hole that was me. The elevator reached their floor said their goodbyes and left. A beat of silence passed, which was followed by what I’m sure was my uncle giving us a hard for not joining in on the conversation. Sometime between leaving the elevator and that night it clicked that those girls were actually 702 (sidenote, its entirely up to you if you want totally disregard magoo’s involvement with the song that is linked here. i would understand, he wasn’t THAT bad though). Las Vegas gave it away, and what confirmed it was that radio mentioned the group playing there that weekend. Armed with this new information, my cousin and I took to the mall the following day to get some gear motivated by the chance that we were totally going to pull all three. We stepped back into the hotel lobby; Nautica’d out hoping for that second chance encounter. Needless to say that encounter never came to be…

The good thing though is this story gives me an excuse to post this great tune by the group from their album Star called Trouble.

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Open Mike Eagle and how my friends have become my heroes http://selfsays.com/open-mike-eagle-and-how-my-friends-have-become-my-heroes http://selfsays.com/open-mike-eagle-and-how-my-friends-have-become-my-heroes#comments Thu, 12 Jun 2014 14:53:31 +0000 SelfSays http://selfsays.com/?p=759 I’ve had the idea to write about my friends for a while now, for some reason or another I never got around to doing this. However, now seemed like as good as time as ever to revisit this idea. I was little torn on who to write about first, but after some thought the choice became clear.

Open Mike Eagle

Having just released the record Dark Comedy, home to one of my favorite tunes to come out in a long time in Qualifiers, my buddy Mike Eagle continues to be one of the most inspiring people I personally know. My history with mike goes back a couple years specifically to a little place called Philaflava. As most of you know I put out a record called something out of nothing. Around the time it first dropped I posted a link for people to check it out in the message boards there on the site. The response was very positive and through that I befriended some cool people over there, some of those folks happened to be some of the more respected people doing the indie thing. Mike was one of them. We got cool around the time Unapologetic Art Rap came out. He sent me the record to check out and I remember the tunes that got the most spins from me were Easter Surgery and Unapologetic with Nocando (another good dude). I always thought the skit about art rap parties was pretty funny too.

One day we were talking about comedy, not sure how we got on the subject of it but we did. I may have told him I took some comedy writing classes in the past and had done stand up before. He told me he went to college with Hannibal Buress. My brain was definitely blown upon revelation, and then he told me that was actually Hannibal’s voice on the art rap party skit. My mind reached another level of blownage. This is one of the many things that’s very endearing to me about Mike. He’s been able to meld these two worlds in a very sincere way that shows admiration and appreciation for both The Rap and The Funny. From playing UCB theatre and playing shows with such luminaries as Paul F. Tompkins to “The Mike eagle Show” (a variety show he created that plays on this melding), he’s carved a unique lane for himself. A lane that’s very true to him and a lane that speaks directly to the rap practitioner, and comedy appreciator in me.

Mike is a really solid guy, who works his butt of to make to make things happen. Knowing this, it’s been great to see the love he’s getting on the interwebs this week and how much his profile has grown over the last couple years. I don’t want to over use the word inspiring but mike just being him the comedy loving, rap making, wrestling fan that he is has resonated with me. You can totally win, just by being yourself.

Dark Comedy is available now.

4 Ituners.

Cop it.

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The Day after and some change http://selfsays.com/the-day-after-and-some-change http://selfsays.com/the-day-after-and-some-change#comments Tue, 03 Jun 2014 04:10:05 +0000 SelfSays http://selfsays.com/?p=755 Well, it’s been 24 hours and some odd minutes since I’ve made my most recent lap around the sun. I feel okay I suppose. I do however, know that I am blessed. Sure there was nostalgia and some introspection going on, but birthdays tend to naturally evoke that I think. It’s very easy to do so especially on social media (facebook to be exact) when in between receiving birthday wishes, you’re brought up to date with the lives of friends. Friends that remind you of different phases and different times of n your life. It feels like you’re coming in direct contact with former lives or remnants/ fragments of who you use to be. For better or for worse.
Comparing yourself to others is really self-destructive but seeing milestones ranging from friends starting families and getting married to buying houses etc., sometimes you ask yourself “What exactly have I done”.
For a long time, I was unsure of how to answer that question. I mean if I really wanted to I could, but the answer would have been informed more so from mistakes I’ve made/or L’s I’ve taken. In contrast to any real goals or accomplishments that actually has come to pass. It’s been a major character flaw of mine and its one I work on. The fact is though and this year is prime example that things are good you know. I’m happy to say that ill finally have an associate’s degree soon and for once in my life I’m seriously considering getting bachelor’s degree. I also took an A+ certification prep class for which I’ll be taking the exam at the end of August. I will definitely be studying my butt off for the next couple months. As much I miss Detroit, some of these things may not have come to pass had I not come back home. Things happen for reason and I am grateful that they do. I have to remind myself of how good things and be appreciative of them.
Hopefully some of this explains why this place and things in general been little dormant. I’ve been little bit distracted by the pursuit of something resembling some sort of stability. For once though I believe I’m really moving towards it. Lack of stability financially and otherwise has been my Achilles’s heel and has made music harder to make happen at times, but like I just mention we’re getting it together. That’s not to say I’ve been completely quiet, this year I’ve had few features on friends records come out. Maybe I’ll make a mix of the features so far this year with said collaborators consent of course. Music is coming and Something out nothing 2 will happen. That’s a Pact and a Promise. To you the reader, I appreciate your patience and genuine interest in what I do. It’s the best birthday gift I could think.
To continuation, and constant mobility. Let’s Grow.

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Here we are in fabulous 2014 http://selfsays.com/here-we-are-in-fabulous-2014 http://selfsays.com/here-we-are-in-fabulous-2014#comments Thu, 02 Jan 2014 03:18:53 +0000 SelfSays http://selfsays.com/?p=752 I’ll save you the obligatory year in review and the even more obligatory this “year is my year thoughts”. Keeping it short and sweet i just want to say thanks for supporting all these years. I know it’s been a lil quiet around these parts but know that newness is around. Remember to be good to yourself and others, stay humble and work hard. That’s my plan for this year.
Stay tuned…

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Dropping in http://selfsays.com/dropping-in http://selfsays.com/dropping-in#comments Mon, 18 Nov 2013 23:27:59 +0000 SelfSays http://selfsays.com/?p=742 bout time, I suppose.
I’m doing okay. If you guys wouldn’t mind sendiing some positive energy my way, i’d be greatly appreciate.
First post back and i’m already heavy in the breevs (thats short for abreviation. if you haven’t seen the delocated epsidoe about this, its a must see) comma misuse/overuse. Trying and needing to make some changes in thought process and spirit. Working on it though.

Alright got that out of the way. Here’s something i working on during the first round of recording of my next record.

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Home http://selfsays.com/home http://selfsays.com/home#comments Sat, 21 Sep 2013 17:00:18 +0000 SelfSays http://selfsays.com/?p=736 Lots of love to places i call home.
Lansing, Ann Arbor, Detroit

I’m still alive.

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Couple of shows in a couple of weeks and some raps http://selfsays.com/couple-of-shows-in-a-couple-of-weeks-and-some-raps http://selfsays.com/couple-of-shows-in-a-couple-of-weeks-and-some-raps#comments Fri, 14 Jun 2013 23:42:05 +0000 SelfSays http://selfsays.com/?p=731 Back in Detroit for 2 shows at the end of the month

heres the flyer/deets for the June 21st at the Old Miami

and the show on the 28th

Hope to see ya. Been a few months since I been back in the D.

Last but not least heres lil something i did the other night.


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Coming S.O.O.N: Updates on the music makings and happenings http://selfsays.com/coming-s-o-o-n-updates-on-the-music-makings-and-happenings http://selfsays.com/coming-s-o-o-n-updates-on-the-music-makings-and-happenings#comments Mon, 04 Feb 2013 06:33:03 +0000 SelfSays http://selfsays.com/?p=726 An update in regards to the musics
So what have I been up to? Well I recently finished recording a new record that will be out this year. The record which will be brought to you by myself and my London team slash family Earnest Endeavours is called Sleeves. I think it’s my strongest collection of music to date. I’ve been mentioning this record on my twitter and Facebook profiles for a while now, but it’s finally coming. I got some guest appearances coming as well. I along with my homie Doc Illingsworth appear on the big homie Sweatson Klank/Take’s new record that drops this year. On the more immediate tip, I feature along with my homies Detroit Cydi of which Illingsworth is a member of, on the new Kool A.D. mixtape that drops on the seventh of this month. You’re probably very familiar with Kool A.D. from his work with his former group Das Racist. Very cool fersure. Shot outs to my bro’s Rufio, Sean Uppercut, Doc Illingsorth and the big homie Kool A.D. What else hmmm I’ve started working on the next records. I’m in the writing phases right now, but what I can say is that expect some smaller projects to pop up throughout the year. Also being in the writing phases of the next projects I can safely say I’ve started penning the first lyrics for what will be material that will show up on my album. Yup, I’m finally getting around to starting that LP of mine. I got to admit I feel kind of excited about where this music thing is going. I’m feeling good. I’m Kevin Sorbo.


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Purposefully Tardy http://selfsays.com/purposefully-tardy http://selfsays.com/purposefully-tardy#comments Sun, 27 Jan 2013 20:41:43 +0000 SelfSays http://selfsays.com/?p=722 Well here we are in in the first of month of a new year. I know I’m kind late on this but yeah happy New Year especially to those living under rock, Neanderthal man still walking among us and those with phobias of calendars and watches. Admittedly I kind of purposely chose to not to participate in the introspection and resolutions and declarations of “how we about to kill it this year” that take over the interwebs during that time. I just feel a lot of those ideas lose life once they hit the wall of your facebook page or is it reduced to 140 characters. Besides, isn’t that what we say every year and as each year draws to a close we are left with the task of trying to make sense of what happen over the last 365 days (the good and the bad). That’s not say I totally removed myself from the act taking a look at my year. Sure I did. I was fortunate enough to have a really good year. A year that was one of the most productive, eye-opening and inspired I have ever had. As hokey and cliche as it may sound dreams did come true( thanks for your guys help in making those things happen btw). If you have been following my on goings over the last year then you aware of some those, rehashing details aren’t really necessary. The feelings, memories and experiences are what will live on. So yeah good times indeed, however there were some very humbling times as well. Of which, I’m also very grateful for. I needed those times. Sometimes, you need to be reminded of your reality. Soul searching and learning things about me that I necessarily didn’t like was oh so necessary. It was necessary for my growth as person. I have grown. My heart is changing. I’m not exactly where I want to be but if I focus on trying to grow, humility and working hard then I am on way to a pretty good year. So that’s where my focus is and that’s ultimately my new year’s resolution.


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